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Doug Turnbull
Hello folks,

In our work, we all see how the search bar has taken over so many applications. Look at your smart phone, and you might be surprised at the large percentage of apps have search as the core component. It doesn't stop at your phone -- lawyer's law books gather dust as a search engine is used instead for researching a case. Your doctor might use search to help diagnose your condition by typing symptoms into a search bar. Each of these user experiences requires fundamentally different ranking rules that reflect user vernacular, content, and existing practices in those fields.

Yet still the day-to-day work of improving the quality of search results -- search relevance -- continues to be an undefined practice. As we announced on the Elastic blog a few days ago, we're writing Taming Search to capture our many years of solving search relevance problems using Lucene-based search. Taming Search marries broadly applicable insights from Information Retrieval (the science behind search) with OpenSource Connection's combined decades of hands-on relevance tuning experience across many domains. 

Taming Search is currently available in Manning's Early Access Program (MEAP). We're happy to extend offer code mlturnbull to get 50% off any format. These steep offer codes tend to mostly stick around in the early-access phase, so take advantage now.

Please let me or John know if you have any thoughts on the book. We know there's a ton of expertise out there, and we love hearing about your insights on search relevancy and the great work that is happening in this space!

John and Doug
Doug Turnbull Search Relevance Consultant | OpenSource Connections, LLC | 240.476.9983 | http://www.opensourceconnections.com 
Author: Taming Search from Manning Publications
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