How to position in actual document based on search results

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How to position in actual document based on search results

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Hi All,
We are working on a project to provide the search facility for indexed documents in elastic server. Currently, we are indexing PDF and HTML documents in elastic server. We had already implemented basic search functionality using ES Java API's. However, we have an issue in positioning the document based on search results.

Actual problem is, on searching for keyword (for eg- "google") ES server returns fragments with matched word.  We had already used highlights to get this information.

Now, first we need to show in UI with all matched fragments or snippets. Then, on selecting the particular snippet,  we have an issue in positioning at the actual content in respective document. In case of, PDF we may need to have the page number and offset for the matched in the content from elastic search to exactly show in the UI. We need also provide the same feature for HTML documents at UI side.

Request you provide the pointers to solve the above problem.

- Thanks