Improving disk performance of elasticsearch cluster

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Improving disk performance of elasticsearch cluster

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Hi everyone.
I have a 3-data-node ES cluster, hosted in the cloud (AWS). All three nodes have identical config and hardware resources. I am using three `general purpose (GP2) SSDs` in the following config on each box: 1TB + 300 GB + 75 GB = 1.375TB. setting includes folders mounted on the three different drives.

The elasticsearch docs say, that using a RAID 0 (striped) configuration will give increased throughput, even on SSDs.

My question is, would moving from a config where I specify multiple to a RAID 0 config make sense?
Does being on AWS make a difference?

Using ES 2.4.0. Usage is easy on indexing, but very, very heavy search loads. (thousands of QPS)

Thank you in advance!