Proposal for Multi-Cluster Search Support

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Proposal for Multi-Cluster Search Support

Gavin Seng

I know that most of the focus is on getting ready for RC1.

Posting here in case this gets more attention than creating an issue on github.


It'd be nice to be able to query across multiple clusters and get their aggregated results.

Our initial motivation is to view Kibana results across multiple clusters. See: Enhancement: Allow conntections to multiple ES backends from a single Kibana instance.

However, since we also use/query ES directly, a proxy would work far better than changing Kibana.

In the discussion above, it was decided (by Shay) that the place to do it would be at the ES level.

The following is a proposal to achieve it at the ES level. This is some very early planning and I've decided to post it early to make sure I'm not duplicating work or am on a totally wrong path (which is totally possible). Any feedback/comments are appreciated.


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