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Search hit multi valued field - identify hit object- Proposing solution

Amarthya Master
A while back someone asked a the following question. [Pasted below]
I have a similar need where in search needs to happen on a field in a multi valued object, but from the hit highlights I would like to identify which object in the multi valued field got the match.

Past questions:

Say I have a multivalued field(student[studentid, name]) in my 
document[1234] with the following values : 


I search for 'alice' and I get hit for doc: 1234. 

From the searchHit is it possible to retrieve the 'studentId' for 
which i got the hit? [In this case '2' corresponding to alice] 

Basically instead of just the hightlight fragments, would like to get back additional fields (for example, a unique id associated with the field in the multi valued object) included in the highlights results. 

Thinking of extending highlights query syntax such that you can specify additional decorator fields along with the field you want to highlight. These fields and the values of the fields will then be included in each highlight fragment. Say a Key/Value pair of FieldName and FieldValue of all the additional data fields. That would allow one to include the "id" field in my use case along with the hit highlights.

Let me know if it makes sense, so that I can go ahead and implement this extension feature.

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