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SearchContextMissingException - No search context found for id



I am using ES version 1.6.0 and the Python plugin for ES. I have a large collection of documents inside my index and I want to iterate through each and every document inside the index. In this sense I am using scan to get each document and retrieve the sentences it contains. I have written my function using an iterator to yield back each and every sentence. My code is this:

es1 = Elasticsearch(["http://localhost:9200"], timeout=30)

class Sentences(object):

def __init__(self, index, query):

self.index = index

self.query = query

def __iter__(self):

for doc in scan(es1, query=self.query, index=self.index):

doc_sentences = doc["_source"]["doc_sentences"]

for sentence in doc_sentences:

yield sentence

The iterator appers to be running initially, but after a while I get the error: "SearchContextMissingException - No search context found for id" followed by a list of document ids. I tried to increase the ES timeout, but didn't help. What can I do to overcome this? I am running out of ideas.



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