Update Mechanisam for Jdbc plugin and elasticsearch

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Update Mechanisam for Jdbc plugin and elasticsearch


I have a problem using JDBC plugin with elasticsearch and mysql.
I am able to poll and retrieve the values using Polling.

But, When I am using the method of Updating Mechanisms, I am not able to
index the values into ElasticSearch.

when I am using -XGET to retrieve the indexes, it is giving me 0 hits.

This is the procedure that I have followed for getting my updates on mysql
table reflected on elasticsearch index.

Step 1: create table class_info(rno int, name varchar(100));  //Create a
table in mysql database
Step 2 : create table my_jdbc_river(_index varchar(64), _type varchar(64),
_id varchar(64), source_timestamp timestamp not null default
current_timestamp, source_operation varchar(8), source_sql varchar(255),
target_timestamp timestamp, target_operation varchar(8) default 'n/a',
target_failed boolean, target_message varchar(255), primary key(_index,
_type, _id, source_timestamp, source_operation));  
//create a river table in mysql database

Step 3: Create a trigger on class_info table to insert the rows into
my_jdbc_river on insert operation
delimiter $$

create trigger check_root after insert on class_info for each row begin
insert into my_jdbc_river values("index", "type", "id", null, 'create',
'select * from check_es', null, null, true, null);  end$$

delimiter ;

I am not sure whether the parameters to insert statement are correct or not.

Step 4: Create a river on ElasticSearch
curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_river/my_jdbc_river/_meta' -d '{  "type" :
"jdbc", "jdbc" : { "driver" : "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver", "url" :
"jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/testes", "user" : "root",           "password"
: "p00ph34d",  "poll" : "300s","rivertable" : true,       "interval" :
"305s" }, "index" : { "index" : "jdbc","type" : "jdbc",  "bulk_size" :
100,"max_bulk_requests" : 30, "bulk_timeout" : "60s"} }'

And, when i am inserting the values into class_info they are not being
indexed in elasticsearch.

Please let me know the correct procedure I am missing anything or
misunderstood the concept.


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