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Sylvie and I are sleeping like babies and we wake up feeling amazing with more energy than we have felt in decades I feel stronger my memorXCell
  y is sharper and according to my blood test yesterday my blood sugar is finally under control and one more thing I can't believe how much food we get to eat we are even eating bread pasta and other carbs and still the weight just keeps falling off both of us all we have to do is follow one simple ritual each day we then pick the foods we like from the list and eat as much as we want nothing is off limits and we don't have to count points or calories this program actually forces us to cheat on the weekend and that means I don't have to give up eating Sylvie's famoXCell 180  us chocolate ice cream cake we both love so much I was amazed by what Dan was telling me however is a personal trainer with decades of experience working on clients I was skeptical too so I decided to do my own test