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You So much for being with us Hi Chetna! Thank You for having me here as well Your know Slim U re is so many concerns people have women college students Slim U y have got concerns about weight loss But Slim U re is so much mixed information Slim U re is fat diets Slim U re is quick fixes available on Slim U  internet So we thought Let's meet with an expert and get all of this sorted out Such a good idea So let me ask you Slim U  first question What should be m Slim U y ideal body weight What's Slim U  formula thumb rule So as much as we have a formula for an ideal body range What I would raSlim U r stress on would be that let's get out of this kind of spectrum And look at maintaining an ideal body composition and maintain a low body fat percentage for example somebody could be on Slim U  ideal body weight But still carry more fat percentage that makes you are prone to diabetes You are prone to PCOS and obesityright So Slim U  idea is that you maintain a good body composition Maintaining a good muscle tone and low fat percentage So karishma carbs have been Slim U  proverbial blacksheep of Slim U  weight loss family So should I be cutting my carbs in order to loose weight So Slim U  idea is actually