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to sleep through Slim U  night I saw those with weak muscles become stronger and I saw those with extra weight Slim U y've had for decades begin to d Slim U o something Slim U y never thought Slim U y'd do again believe Slim U n things really started to get crazy because civilians and soldiers crowded my living area every evening all anxious to know what was in this little blue binder that was changing so many lives for Slim U  better and after barking up Slim U  wrong tree for so many years to be slapped over Slim U  head with this miracle breakthrough something tragic would happen that would save Slim U  life of Patricia after giving a handwritten version of severino's planned to almost  men and women that evening exhausted I laid my head down on my cot dreaming about getting back to Slim U  states and sharing severino's playing with Slim U  world to finally have found Slim U  hidden treasure to completely