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actually preserving your precious lean mass and that happens while you exercise well and you eat correctly So karishma just like success is a sum total of the little little steps that we take and you have beautifully told us how we need to eat every few hours what if somebody can't and you know there are working women or they are hostel st XCell 180 udents and they don't get that every  hours they can't eat Can we say something that's a very good question because you are using a term what if they can' t eat So i would say DRINK SUPPLEMENTS OKAY So for example if you are in a meeting in the evening and you obviously cannot sit down and have your fillers like egg whites it was probably in yoXCell 180  ur plan You could actually get a whey protein powder put a little water in it and drink it up so that would definitely be better than you actually skipping a meal Because skipping a meal would actually put your body into the starvation mode and decreasing your BMR which is definitely not a goal So the idea is if you can't eat