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Nuvega Lash
Using too much, too soon
If you did not just lie out on a boat in Barbados for 10 periods, you probably don't want to go so deep and obvious with your tan. "A gradual tan is best suited for first-timers or for someone who just wants a simple shine," says James Read, self-tanning professional and founding father of James Read Tan. He indicates the slow-building James Read Constant Day Tan for Face and Body. And for additional insurance plan, always do a spot analyze the day before to see how a self-tanner will react with your human body chemistry—individual pH balance and sometimes medicines and your period can affect along with development. If you still end up overbronzed, smooth up with child oil and get out on for 10 minutes; then take a hot shower and scrub, which should take the tan down a few colors.